Learn to be Lean

Lean Six Sigma

As an accredited training organisation for the International Lean Six Sigma Institute we can offer White, Yellow, Green, and Black Belt training courses. Courses can be tailored  to an extent to suit the clients focus areas (as long as we cover the necessary elements). Participants can undertake a green belt project to support qualification. We are authorised on behalf of the ILSSI to assess and sign off on projects as well as oversee the exams.  If you are interested in a Lean Six Sigma course, please contact John or Roddy to discuss and gain more information on the details.

Six Sigma White Belt (One day) -Demonstrates an introductory level of the knowledge to fundamental concepts of six sigma. It gives a basic understanding of the Lean philosophy and is ideal to start your six sigma journey. It is a good starting point  for companies to introduce a change in workplace culture.

Awareness training no exam required.

Six Sigma Yellow Belt (Two days) – Certification indicates you have learnt the specifics of how six sigma works, how its disciplines are applied to the workplace and where best to concentrate your time as you learn the process. Building on from your leanings in the White belt you start to think in a different way, see things differently, and act accordingly.

Exam required – full certification.

Six Sigma Green Belt (Three Days) –  Focuses on advanced analysis and resolution of problems related to improvement projects. Green belts lead and manage projects, while providing support to Six Sigma Black Belts.

Exam required – full certification.

JRC can support project based qualification.

Six Sigma Black Belt (Five Days) – Signifies that you are an expert in Six Sigma philosophies and principles. Black belts are known as agents  of change within an organisation who leads project teams.

Exam required – full certification.