Learn to be Lean

Continuous Improvement Workshops

At JRC Learn to be Lean we can provide advice, coaching, bespoke solutions and services that will ultimately save our clients time and money. We are capable of providing support to manage or facilitate continuous improvement workshops. we look at all forms of waste relating to People, Place and Process to achieve improvements in process flow, line balancing, headcount planning, throughput and Quality. For example, we are capable of driving throughput improvements in production processes given the autonomy to achieve results or train and coach others to achieve the same results.  Using the philosophy of engaging with the people and using all the lean tools at our disposal, we can look at the timeline from when a customer places an order to the point the invoice is paid. Sounds simple, however there can be many steps in a process, and many inputs that can affect it, whether it be office based or on the shopfloor.

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