Learn to be Lean

About Us

JRC came into existence after John and Roddy decided that they wanted to pass on the knowledge and learnings they had accrued over many years. They worked in an environment that challenged everyone to continuously improve themselves and the workplace. They felt they could support businesses who had no prior experience of the lean philosophy or had had a bad experience in implementing Lean.

With over 85 years manufacturing experience, they can provide coaching, leadership, and training in all aspects of Lean and Leadership philosophy. Their aim is to change the traditional mindset to embrace new ideas, tools, and techniques to create that “lightbulb” moment where people can see there is a better way. Driven by their sense of purpose, drive, and enthusiasm, they can support clients on their Lean journey.

Their USP is to offer a bespoke service, where they listen to clients to understand their requirements and needs, develop an agreed plan, and then implement in collaboration with the client. The plan may then involve employee training, pilot workshops, and follow up to ensure learnings (culture) and methods (tools) become embedded.